"Vir Quisque Vir," means "Every Man, a Man". This is one of our three open mottos at Lambda Chi Alpha. It can be found on our coat of arms. Every man is equal, and any man whose academic attainments are notable should have equal opportunity for scholarship. We are awarding $1000 to the first-year student at the University of Iowa who deserves it the most.

  • Total amount that the chapter will be awarding: $1000
  • Number of scholarships the chapter will be awarding: 1
  • Is the applicant required to join this chapter to be eligible for this scholarship? Yes.
  • Are interviews required for selection of this scholarship? Yes.
  • When will those interviews occur? The first few weeks or the semester leading up to rush week. Applicants will be contacted by text, by email, and must be receptive to schedule an interview either in person or via Zoom. All interviews must be completed prior to bid day.
  • How do you apply for this scholarship? By filling out the following form in its entirety:

Apply Now

  • When will the applicant be notified about whether or not he was selected for your scholarship? Upon acceptance of associate membership on bid day.
  • How will the applicant be notified? In person.
  • For more information about this scholarship, please contact: Tyler Baumgart