Scholarship Requirements

The Journey to Excellence Scholarship will be awarded to one incoming freshman male who exemplifies the values (Truth, Courage, Faith, and Power) and leadership characteristics of Delta Tau Delta. Based on their application, they may be selected for an interview that will determine if they will be awarded a Journey to Excellence Scholarship.   

  • Total amount that the chapter will be awarding:  $900
  • Number of scholarships the chapter will be awarding:  3 scholarships: $950, $750, $250
  • Is a man required to join this chapter to be eligible for this scholarship?  Yes
  • Are interviews required for selection of this scholarship?  Yes 
  • When will those interviews occur?  Interviews will be held during the first week of classes.
  • How does a man apply for this scholarship?  Application is found at link here
  • When will a man be notified about whether or not he was selected for your scholarship?  Applicants will be notified of the decision within 1 week after the final interview is conducted. 
  • How will a man be notified? Phone call and email

For more information about this scholarship, please contact: Gus Gonzalez, Director of Recruitment,, (708) 927-7281