FSL Work Group Update

The University of Iowa Fraternity & Sorority Life (FSL) staff has put together a harm reduction group. The goals of the group are to address revising judicial processes and implement new guidelines for events with and without alcohol. 

Arrest and Citation Policy 

Alcohol at any chapter-sponsored event requires the use of a licensed, third-party vendor present to serve alcohol, provide security, and verify legal age. All sorority houses at Iowa are strictly alcohol-free. Alcohol consumption within fraternity houses is prohibited by students under 21 years of age. Persons of legal age in a fraternity house may be permitted to bring alcoholic beverages into their private bedrooms. Only those of legal drinking age are allowed to consume alcohol. 

Organizations are allowed to host events at establishments that are in alignment with the Iowa City ordinance, as it relates to tickets and citations. The City of Iowa City tracks PAULA Citation and Under 21 Citation rates to create a bar check report. To view this month and previous month bar check reports, see here: City of Iowa City Bar Check Report

Anti-Hazing Policy 

Hazing is defined as any intentional or unintentional reckless action or situation–with or without consent—that endangers a student or creates risk of injury, mental or physical discomfort, harassment, embarrassment, and/or ridicule—whether on campus or off campus—for the purpose of initiation into, affiliation with, or as continued membership in a student organization or team recognized by the University of Iowa Student Government or by any other university sponsor.

Acts of hazing include, but are not limited to: compulsory alcohol or drug consumption; physical brutality; psychological cruelty; public humiliation; morally degrading activities; forced confinement; creation of excessive fatigue; required removal or destruction of public or private property; or any other activity that endangers the physical, mental, psychological, or academic well-being and/or safety of an individual. Any requirement imposed upon prospective, new, or current members which is not related to the organization’s purpose is discouraged and will become the subject of a university investigation once the practice is brought to the attention of Leadership & Engagement or the Office of Student Accountability. 

To report hazing or to file a violation against any UI fraternity or sorority, please complete the Report a Concern Form, contact any Fraternity & Sorority Life staff member, or visit the Dean of Students Office