Scholarship Requirements

This scholarship is for incoming male freshmen to the University of Iowa. They do not need to be interested in joining Greek life, they simply must have a minimum of a 3.4/4.0 GPA from high school, along with a 25 minimum Composite ACT score. 

  • Total amount that the chapter will be awarding: $15000 
  • Number of scholarships the chapter will be awarding: Depends on the quality of applicants: Last year the money was dispersed like so: 8-$750, 4-$1,000, 1-$2,000, 1-$3,000. 
  • Is a man required to join this chapter to be eligible for this scholarship? No 
  • Is a man required to join any fraternity to be eligible for this scholarship? No 
  • Are interviews required for selection of this scholarship? Yes 
  • When will those interviews occur? During student orientation 
  • How does a man apply for this scholarship? Filling out online application 
  • When will a man be notified about whether or not he was selected for your scholarship? Over the summer. 
  • How will a man be notified? Phone call, E-mail 
  • For more information about this scholarship, please contact: