Defining opportunity 

Fraternities and sororities are the opportunity at Iowa to find your place to belong, to serve, to lead, and to succeed as a student and throughout life.

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We all want friendships that are true, that are real, that are more than college acquaintances. Iowa Fraternity & Sorority Live presents the opportunity to belong to something big, something important, something unforgettable, and something that will last throughout life.


We all want to contribute to the greater good. We all want to matter. Iowa Fraternity & Sorority Life provides the opportunity to serve our campus, our community, and our world in ways that make a real impact.


We all want to leave a legacy in our own way. We all want to feel the respect of our peers and the appreciation of our friends. Iowa Fraternity & Sorority Life offers the opportunity to lead, to influence, and to guide our organizations and our community.


We all want a college experience that is academically successful, but we also want to build collegiate memories that are rich with tradition, full of real relationships, and overflowing with a sense of personal fulfillment. Iowa Fraternity & Sorority Life challenges its members to not settle for the average college doldrums, but instead to flourish as a fully engaged student.


We all want to graduate, get a job, and have a successful career, but that’s easier said than done. Iowa Fraternity & Sorority Life connects its members to the largest and most successful support network available to Hawkeye students. Our alumni are positioned all over the globe and are committed to helping us succeed as professionals and as members of a productive society.