Fall 2021 Informal Recruitment 

Fall Informal Recruitment is also called the  Continuous Open Bidding (COB) process. Eligible chapters will be continually updated as their numbers fluctuate. Keep a look out for informal recruitment events that chapters may be hosting, those will be posted on their personal chapter social media pages!

The process is continuous, meaning there is no set end date or structure to it. Chapters who have spots available will be able to host events and extend bids whenever and to whomever they choose! These events will likely be publicized on Instagram so make sure you are following all of our chapters! 

The best way to make sure chapters know you are interested is by reaching out to them on social media or via email. The list of chapters who are available changes often, so I suggest reaching out early and letting them know you’d like more info! 
We will try to update the list of eligible chapters frequently, but again, this may change daily! 

Register for Informal Recruitment Here*!

*Registration is not binding but simply lets us know who is interested in joining an organization. This list will be provided to chapters so that they can also do outreach to those who would like to join. 

Chapters Currently Eligible*

Alpha Delta Pi Laura Grabner laura-grabner@uiowa.edu 
Alpha Epsilon Phi Megan Walker  megan-walker@uiowa.edu
Alpha Xi Delta Sophie Young sophia-young@uiowa.edu
Delta Delta Delta Mallory Wittkowske mallory-wittkowske@uiowa.edu
Delta Gamma Brooke Bowman bmb.bowman@gmail.com
Delta Zeta Hanna Kaufman hanna-kaufman@uiowa.edu
Gamma Phi Beta  Maddie Madhani madisonmadhani11@gmail.com 
Kappa Alpha Theta Meg Ridout meg-ridout@uiowa.edu
Kappa Kappa Gamma Kaeja Garner kkgbzpresident@gmail.com
Pi Beta Phi Brenna Mays  brenna-mays@uiowa.edu
Zeta Tau Alpha Natalie Scholl recruitment.zta.iowa@gmail.com 

Last update: 09/13/2021


Abby Parrott, Vice President for Recruitment Logistics 



Formal Recruitment FAQs 

  • How do I register?

    Visit www.mycampusdirector2.com and fill out the entire registration (including paying the registration fee. Make sure to use your UIowa email to register and make sure you received the confirmation email. Registration will remain open from June 1st (9:00am) to August 18th (11:55pm). Any questions can be directed to Taylor Carlson at gc-phc-recruitperson@uiowa.edu

  • How will virtual recruitment work?

    Great question! You will view presentations from all 14 Panhellenic Chapters, as well as our Multicultural Greek and National Pan-Hellenic Councils. After the first round, we will shift to zoom calls so members and Potential New Members can chat live! We are currently working on developing a schedule and the logistics of this new structure, but we will make sure to communicate big changes and plans through email to Potential New Members who have registered for recruitment. Therefore, the best way to ensure you receive updates and formal communication is by registering at uiowaphc.mycampusdirector2.com.

  • What does it mean if a chapter or chapter members follow me on social media?

    This means that they have noticed you plan on attending the University of Iowa this fall, and they are hoping you will register for Primary Recruitment! You are welcome and encouraged to follow them, DM them with questions, etc! We also encourage you to follow @uiowaphc on Instagram to ensure you are up to date with new information! If a chapter or member follows you, it doesn’t mean you are guaranteed a bid to that chapter, or anything like that! It simply means you are on their radar, and they want to get to know you! If you ever feel uncomfortable regarding contact with a chapter or chapter member, please email gc-phc-recruitment@uiowa.edu with questions and concerns!

  • Do I need letters of recommendation?

    Letters of Recommendation from active/lifetime members may help chapters get more background knowledge of PNMs and understand who they are on a deeper level. However, each chapter has different rules and practices when it comes to recommendation letters. Submitting these to chapters will never hurt but are not necessary. Each chapter’s national headquarters should have a way for alum to submit these letters online, but if not, you may email the letter to gc-phc-recruitment@uiowa.edu and let us know which chapter it should be sent to!

  • What does mutual section mean?

    Mutual Selection refers to the idea that chapters select which PNMs they want to talk to again, and PNMs select which chapters they want visit again. This decision is two sided and therefore mutual.

  • What does maximizing your options mean?

    When someone tells you to “maximize your options” they are referring to attending every single event on your schedule and selecting any chapters you have left in your pool by the end of Preference Round. This strategy ensures nearly 99% of PNMs wishing to join chapters get placed in one. It also means PNMs need to keep an open mind and avoid listening to stereotypes or rumors about chapters, and get a feel for each one in an unbiased way.

  • What is the dry period?

    The dry period is the time from noon on the day of PNM Orientation (August 23rd) until noon the day following Bid Day when all PNMs, Rho Gammas, and PHC Executive Officers must abstain from alcohol, regardless of age. This is a rule that we take seriously, as we believe that the most success will come from sober recruiting, and is a rule handed down from the National Panhellenic Conference to all campuses and chapters. If any of these people are caught consuming alcohol, there will be consequences and a conversation regarding that choice.

  • Should I make my social media private? Or public?

    Do whatever you feel best about! If you have already had it on one setting, don’t let recruitment be the reason you change that. Chapters will never use your social media to weigh decisions about your potential membership. A good rule to follow, is that if you wouldn’t let your grandparent or boss see it, don’t have it on your social media. However, it can be a fun way to show off your personality, style, and values! We know that with the world we live in today, it is super easy to connect with and learn about chapters and their members through social media!

  • What is this pre-joining education thing?

    Everyone looking to join a fraternity or sorority at the University of Iowa will need to attend a council orientation. Not sure which one? Check out our four councils here! We have three councils with sororities and three councils with fraternities. These orientation sessions are a broad overview of what to expect and what should be known as your begin your journey in fraternity and sorority life. 

    Fall 2021 Orientation Dates

    • National Pan-Hellenic Council: Wednesday, September 1st 
    • Multicultural Greek Council: Monday, August 30th 
    • Panhellenic Council:
      • Tuesday, September 7th, 7:00pm via Zoom 
      • Thursday, September 30th, 7:00pm via Zoom 
      • Thursday, October 7th, 7:00pm via Zoom 
    • Interfraternity Council: Thursday, September 9th

    You can learn more about joining requirements here

  • How much does joining a chapter really cost?

    Great question! Below you will find the lowest, average, and highest costs associated with a standard year of being a chapter member. Keep in mind that these do not include the New Member Fee, however those numbers will be available in our PNM Booklet when we distribute it later this fall! Keep in mind that the typical cost of living in the residence halls is $11,780.00 when including an unlimited meal plan. Each chapter includes different perks of membership and allocates this money towards different things! We know it is a big financial commitment to make, but we are confident it is so worth the investment!

      Lowest Average Highest New Member Average
    Housed $7,032.00 $8,432.29



    Unhoused  $1,000 $1,000 $1,000 $815.00

     You can also see the specifics of each chapter's finances on their chapter tabs below. 


Informal Recruitment FAQs 

  • What should I say when reaching out to a chapter who IS currently eligible?

    Something like this: "Hi there, my name is _____________ and I am interested in learning more about your chapter and the COB process! I would love any information about upcoming events or ways to get to know your members! You can contact me by phone (XXX) XXX-XXXX or email _______-_________@uiowa.edu. I look forward to connecting! Thanks!


Fall 2021 Formal Recruitment 

We are the in the process of planning an incredible fall formal recruitment experience and we are so excited to share that with you all! Health and safety are at the forefront of our planning and we are keeping all University, local and state COVID 19 regulations in mind as we plan. With that, our plans are a little more flexible than normal and many aspects are still in the works. 

Formal Recruitment will be held August 27-29 and September 3-5th. There are a few other important dates so check out the list below! 

Important Dates 

  • June 1st 2021: Registration for UIPR 2021 opens* 
  • August 18th 2021: Registration for UIPR 2021 closes* 
  • August 23rd: PNM Check In 
  • August 24th: PNM Orientation 
  • August 25-26th: Round One and Rho Gamma meetings 
  • August 27th-28th: Round Two 
  • August 29th: Round Three 
  • September 4th: Round Four 
  • September 5th: Bid Day 


*Registration is required to participate in the formal recruitment process and will be open from June 1st (9:00am) to August 18th (11:55pm). Make sure to register with your UIowa email! 

All events are required as part of the formal recruitment process so make sure to mark your calendars! Exceptions will be made for class conflicts. 


  • Alpha Chi Omega

    About this chapter

    "Together Let Us Seek the Heights"

    • National founding date: 1885  
    • Nickname: Alpha Chi, A Chi O 
    • Colors: Scarlet red and Olive green 
    • Symbols: Red carnation and Golden Lyre 
    • National Organization Website: https://www.alphachiomega.org/
    • Local Website: http://www.iowaalphachi.com/
    • Social Media 
      • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/iowaalphachi/
      • Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/iowaalphachi/?hl=en
    • Pillars/Values: Academic Interest, Character, Financial Responsibility, Leadership Ability, and Personal Development

    Philanthropic Partner(s)

    • Domestic Violence Awareness 

    GPA requirement

    •  2.75  


    • New members: $1,167.62
    • Live In Members: $9,500.12
    • Live Out Members: $1,729.28

    Chapter Contact

  • Alpha Delta Pi

    About this chapter

    "We live for each other"

    • National founding date: 1851
    • Nickname: ADPi
    • Colors: azure blue and white 
    • Symbols: Lion and diamond 
    • National Organization Website: https://www.alphadeltapi.org/
    • Local Website: https://uiowa.alphadeltapi.org/
    • Social Media 
      • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/IowaADPi/
      • Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/iowaadpi/
    • Pillars/Values: Scholarship, self, sisterhood, sorority 

    Philanthropic Partner(s)

    • Ronald McDonald House Charities 

    GPA requirement

    •  2.7 college and 3.0 high school 


    • New members: $2,718.00
    • Live In Members: $7,320.00
    • Live Out Members:  $2,092.00

    Chapter Contact

    • Tricia Pabst: adpi.ab.vpm@gmail.com

  • Alpha Epsilon Phi

    About this chapter

    "Many Hearts, One Purpose"

    • National founding date: 1909 
    • Nickname: AEPhi 
    • Colors: Green and white 
    • Symbols: Lily of the Valley, giraffe and pearl 
    • National Organization Website: https://www.aephi.org/
    • Local Website: https://alphaepsilonphiuiowa.weebly.com/
    • Social Media 
      • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AEPhi-University-of-Iowa-275075734685/
      • Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/uiowa.aephi/
    • Pillars/Values: Sisterhood, Selfless Service, Personal Development, Intellectual Growth, Jewish Heritage 

    Philanthropic Partner(s)

    • The Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation and Sharsheret 

    GPA requirement

    •  3.0 for high school, 2.5 for college 


    • New members: $815.00
    • Members pay: $1,000

    Chapter Contact

  • Alpha Phi

    About this chapter

    "Union hand in hand"

    • National founding date: 1872 
    • Nickname: APhi
    • Colors: Silver and Bordeaux 
    • Symbols: Lily of the valley, phi bear, and ivy leaf 
    • National Organization Website: https://alphaphi.org/
    • Local Website: https://www.uiowaalphaphi.com/
    • Social Media 
      • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/IowaAlphaPhi/about/
      • Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/iowaalphaphi/
    • Pillars/Values: Innovation, Generosity, Character, and Sisterhood 

    Philanthropic Partner(s)

    • Alpha Phi Foundation 

    GPA requirement

    • 2.75 


    • New members: $2,699.48
    • Live In Members: $9,232.48
    • Live Out Members:  $2,699.48

    Chapter Contact

  • Alpha Xi Delta

    About this chapter

    "Realize your potential"

    • National founding date: 1893
    • Nickname: Alpha Xi, A Xi D 
    • Colors: Light blue, navy blue, and gold 
    • Symbols: Pink rose, BetXi Bear and Quill 
    • National Organization Website: https://www.alphaxidelta.org/
    • Local Website: http://uiowa.alphaxidelta.org/
    • Social Media 
      • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/iowaaxid/
      • Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/iowaaxid/
    • Pillars/Values: Authenticity, Balance and Achievement

    Philanthropic Partner(s)

    • Austism Speaks 

    GPA requirement

    • 2.75 for high school, 2.5 for college 


    • New members: $1,729.00
    • Live In Members: $7,234.06
    • Live Out Members:  $1,524.00

    Chapter Contact

  • Chi Omega

    About this chapter

    "Cultivating a lifetime of purpose"

    • National founding date: 1895
    • Nickname: ChiO 
    • Colors: Cardinal and straw 
    • Symbols: Owl, skull and crossbones 
    • National Organization Website: https://chiomega.com/
    • Local Website: http://www.iowachiomega.com/
    • Social Media 
      • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/UIowaChiOmega/
      • Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/iowachiomega/
    • Pillars/Values: Friendship, Personal Integrity, Service to Others, Academic Excellence and Intellectual Pursuits, Community and Campus Involvement, and Personal and Career Development 

    Philanthropic Partner(s)

    • Make A Wish

    GPA requirement

    • 3.00 for high school/community college or 2.50 for a 4 year university/college 


    • New members: $1,600.00
    • Live In Members: $8,670.00
    • Live Out Members:  $2,400

    Chapter Contact

  • Delta Delta Delta

    About this chapter

    "Let us steadfastly love one another"

    • National founding date: 1888
    • Nickname: TriDelta, TriDelt 
    • Colors: Silver, gold, and blue 
    • Symbols: Dolphin, pansy, pearl and pine tree
    • National Organization Website: https://www.tridelta.org/
    • Local Website: http://uiowa.tridelta.org/
    • Social Media 
      • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DeltaDeltaDeltaPhiChapter/
      • Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/uiowatridelta/
    • Pillars/Values: Truth, Friendship, and Self-Sacrifice  

    Philanthropic Partner(s)

    • St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital 

    GPA requirement

    • 3.00 


    • New members: $3,638.00
    • Live In Members: $10,720.00
    • Live Out Members:  $3,250.00

    Chapter Contact

  • Delta Gamma

    About this chapter

    "Do good"

    • National founding date: 1873
    • Nickname: DG 
    • Colors: bronze, pink, and blue 
    • Symbols: Cream Rose, anchor and Hannah Doll 
    • National Organization Website: https://www.deltagamma.org/
    • Local Website: http://uiowa.deltagamma.org/
    • Social Media 
      • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TauChapterOfDeltaGamma/
      • Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/iowadeltagamma/
    • Pillars/Values: fostering high ideals of friendship, promoting educational and cultural interests, a true sense of social responsibility and developing the best qualities of character 

    Philanthropic Partner(s)

    • Service for Sight, Delta Gamma Foundation  

    GPA requirement

    • 3.0 high school, 2.7 college 


    • New members: $3,153.00
    • Live In Members: $8,125.00
    • Live Out Members:  $2,058.00

    Chapter Contact

  • Delta Zeta

    About this chapter

    "To walk truly in the light of the flame"

    • National founding date: 1902
    • Nickname: DZ
    • Colors: Old Rose & Vieux Green 
    • Symbols: Pink Killarney rose, Turtle and Roman Lamp 
    • National Organization Website: https://www.deltazeta.org/
    • Local Website: https://dz.deltazeta.org/iota
    • Social Media 
      • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/deltazetaiota/
      • Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/iowadeltazeta/
    • Pillars/Values: Friendship, Curiosity, Generosity, Citizenship, Belonging and Empowerment 

    Philanthropic Partner(s)

    • Speech and Hearing; Starkey Hearing Foundation 

    GPA requirement

    • 2.7


    • New members: $1,845.00
    • Live In Members: $9,330.00
    • Live Out Members:  $1,860.00

    Chapter Contact

  • Gamma Phi Beta

    About this chapter

    "Founded on a rock"

    • National founding date: 1874
    • Nickname: GPhi
    • Colors: Brown and mode  
    • Symbols: Pink carnation and crescent moon 
    • National Organization Website: https://www.gammaphibeta.org/
    • Local Website: https://www.gammaphibeta.org/gpb/e360929f-849f-41c2-9df7-becc6657585f/Rho-Chapter
    • Social Media 
      • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/UniversityOfIowaGammaPhiBeta/
      • Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/iowagphi/
    • Pillars/Values: Love, labor, learning, and loyalty 

    Philanthropic Partner(s)

    • Girls on the Run 

    GPA requirement

    • 3.0 for high school or 2.7 for college 


    • New members: $1,648.00
    • Live In Members: $8,376.00
    • Live Out Members:  $976.00

    Chapter Contact

  • Kappa Alpha Theta

    About this chapter

    "Leading Women"

    • National founding date: 1870
    • Nickname: Theta 
    • Colors: Black and Gold   
    • Symbols: Kite, black and gold pansy
    • National Organization Website: https://www.kappaalphatheta.org/
    • Local Website: https://iowa.kappaalphatheta.org/
    • Social Media 
      • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/IowaTheta/
      • Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/uiowatheta/
    • Pillars/Values: Intellectual Curiosity, Leadership Potential, Personal Excellence, Commitment to Service 

    Philanthropic Partner(s)

    • Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) 

    GPA requirement

    • 3.50


    • New members: $1,799.12
    • Live In Members: $7,117.08
    • Live Out Members:  $1,799.12

    Chapter Contact

  • Kappa Kappa Gamma

    About this chapter

    "Live boldly, dream fully"

    • National founding date: 1870
    • Nickname: KKG, Kappa 
    • Colors: Light blue and dark blue   
    • Symbols: Fleur-de-Lis, owl and key
    • National Organization Website: https://www.kappakappagamma.org/kappa/
    • Local Website: https://wiki.kkg.org/pages/Beta_Zeta
    • Social Media 
      • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/UniversityOfIowaKappaKappaGamma/
      • Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/iowakkg/
    • Pillars/Values: Friendship, leadership, and scholarship 

    Philanthropic Partner(s)

    • Reading is Fundamental 

    GPA requirement

    • 3.30


    • New members: $1,400.00
    • Live In Members: $7,886.00
    • Live Out Members:  $2,000.00

    Chapter Contact

  • Pi Beta Phi

    About this chapter

    "Friends and leaders for life"

    • National founding date: 1867
    • Nickname: Pi Phi 
    • Colors: wine and silver blue 
    • Symbols: Wine carnation, angel and arrow 
    • National Organization Website: https://www.pibetaphi.org/
    • Local Website: https://uiowa.pibetaphi.org/
    • Social Media 
      • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/uiowapibetaphi/
      • Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/iowapiphi/
    • Pillars/Values: The mission of Pi Beta Phi Fraternity for Women is to promote friendship, develop women of intellect and integrity, cultivate leadership potential, and enrich lives through community service. 

    Philanthropic Partner(s)

    • Read>Lead>Achieve  

    GPA requirement

    • 2.00


    • New members: $3,252.00
    • Live In Members: $8,960.00
    • Live Out Members:  $2,300.00

    Chapter Contact

  • Zeta Tau Alpha

    About this chapter

    "Seek The Noblest"

    • National founding date: 1898
    • Nickname: Zeta, ZTA 
    • Colors: Turquoise Blue and Steel Gray 
    • Symbols: Wine violet, 5 pointed crown and strawberry 
    • National Organization Website: https://zetataualpha.org/
    • Local Website: https://www.uiowazta.com/
    • Social Media 
      • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/uiowazta/
      • Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/uiowazta/
    • Pillars/Values: Being Rather than Seeming, Humility, Leadership, Lifelong Learning, Love, Loyalty & Commitment, Responsibility, Seeking Understanding that We Might Gain True Wisdom, Service & Philanthropy 

    Philanthropic Partner(s)

    • Breast Cancer Education and Awareness 

    GPA requirement

    • 3.33 for high school or 2.75 for college 


    • New members: $1,950.00
    • Live In Members: $7,032.00
    • Live Out Members:  $1,784.00

    Chapter Contact


Meet the executive board

Our community by the numbers

Fraternity and Sorority Life at Iowa is made up of four councils and 45 chapters. Below are a few statistics about our community. 

  • There are 45 total organizations, broken down by council 
  • 25 organizations have a housing structure 
  • FSL students make up about 12% of the undergraduate population 
  • Iowa was the first in the Big 10 to dedicate Divine 9 plots 
  • 2 International organizations were founded here: Sigma Lambda Gamma and Sigma Lambda Beta 

PHC Dictionary or Greek Speak

  • Click to see the dictionary
    • Potential New Member – someone looking to join a fraternity or sorority.
    • (What not to say: pledges)
    Rho Gamma
    • Recruitment Counselor who stands by PNMs and helps offer counseling and support throughout the whole recruitment process and beyond. She disassociates from her chapter and hides her letters in order to serve PNMs in an unbiased fashion.
    • (Common Nickname: RhoGam, mom)
    Bid Day
    • The final day of recruitment when PNMs are given bid(membership) cards inviting them to join a chapter they visited during Preference round. All PNMs start at the IMU and end the day at their new chapter structures. Each chapter has different themes, but PNMs will not prepare for these themes since they will not know which chapter they are joining ahead of time.
    Single Intentional Preference (SIP)
    • When a PNM writes down only one chapter on her Membership Recruitment Acceptance Binding Agreement (MRABA) at the end of Preference Round.
    • (What not to say – Suicide Bid)
    Membership Recruitment Acceptance Binding Agreement (MRABA)
    • A form PNMs sign indicating they will accept an offer from the chapters they list. The Panhellenic Recruitment Team will tell you all about what you are signing and help answer questions on the day of Preference Round.
    • A PNM who has a relative who was a member of a specific chapter. Difference chapters require different relationships in order to be considered a legacy, for example XYZ may only accept mothers and sisters, while ABC may allow any cousin, stepsister, aunt, grandma, etc. If you know of relatives who are legacies, you can enter that information in CampusDirector. Being a legacy can be viewed as a positive thing and can influence the chapter’s membership decisions but is not a main factor.
    • This is the number of how many membership invitations (bids) a chapter can offer. This number is set by the Panhellenic Council and takes many things into consideration.
    Letter of Recommendation
    • Members of a chapter (alum and active) can write letters to that chapter describing why a specific PNM is fit for membership. Different chapters have different requirements and weigh these letters differently, but overall, they will not hurt your chances of gaining membership into a specific chapter.
    • (Also called Rec Letters)
    No Contact Period
    • This is the time between the conclusion of Preference round until bid cards are opened on bid day, when PNMs may not discuss their decision with active members or Rho Gammas, and chapter members may not speak to (online or in person) any Potential New Members. This is put in place to protect the PNMs decision and aim for an unbiased and uninfluenced choice.
    Door Stacks
    • When members of a chapter rush up to the door and chant/sing and clap, while PNMs wait on the sidewalk for the party to end. This is fun and lets chapter members show off how much they love their chapter!
    • Members in sororities are paired up with a Big (typically a member of the previous pledge class) and a Little (typically a member in the newest pledge class) to support each other. These can grow into “families” with littles, bigs, grandbigs, great grandbigs, cousins, twins, aunts, etc!
    • The private traditions and practices of a sorority deeply rooted in the shared values and purpose of the members. Ritual serves as a reminder to each member of her responsibilities and inspires her to fulfill them. Rituals connect the past with the present and the future. PNMs may get to experience a small portion of the chapter’s ritual during the Preference Round ceremony.
    Active Member
    • Someone who has been initiated into a chapter. Also called lifetime members.
    • This can be used to refer to the national organization a chapter supports, or the events they host in order to gain awareness and funds for those causes. Each chapter has a different national cause and many also have local branches they support. PNMs get to learn all about each chapters’ philanthropy during Round 3 of Recruitment.
    Dirty Rushing
    • This is something we never hope happens. This refers to chapter members using their influence to sway opinions of PNMs in one direction or another. It also can refer to chapters seeking out PNMs and urging them to be close minded and only focus on their chapter during recruitment. If a PNM, chapter member, or Rho Gamma believes dirty rushing is happening, please report it to the council immediately.
    Bid Promising
    • This is when a chapter member promises something she cannot follow through on, such as a direct invitation to the chapter. This can show up in direct ways like a member telling a PNM “you will get into my chapter” or “I will make sure you get a bid” but it can also be more subtle. Less obvious bid promising can sound like “we better see you back here tomorrow” or “we hope you choose us tonight!” If a PNM, chapter member, or Rho Gamma has reason to believe Bid Promising is happening, please report it to the Panhellenic Council immediately.
    Primary Recruitment
    • The time each fall when PNMs sign up to meet all 14 Panhellenic chapters and go through the process, until they are matched with a chapter at the end. This is the best way to know where a PNM fits!
    • (What not to say: Rush)
    Secondary/Spring Recruitment
    • The time at the start of spring semester when chapters who are eligible may take more new members. Not all chapters will participate, and events will be scattered throughout the months of January and February. Eligible chapters will only be given a certain number of bids they can offer.
    Continuous Open Bidding (COB)
    • This is a time when chapters can extend bids following the commencement of Primary Recruitment. Chapters who have less members than the total (which is determined by the Panhellenic Council) may offer PNMs bids. Chapter members who joined through the COB process may also refer to themselves as a COB, and their pledge class may be called “winter 2020” instead of “fall 2020” to distinguish when they joined the chapter. Continuous Open Bidding is never guaranteed to be an option and should not be relied on to join a chapter. Primary Recruitment is the best way to meet all the chapters and find the best fit for a PNM.
    New Member
    • A person who accepted a bid from a chapter but has not yet been initiated. Most chapters have an 8-12 week “New Member Period” in which new members will learn about the history, values, and teachings of their chapter.
    • (What not to say: babies, pledges)
    • A special secret ceremony each chapter preforms in order to transition people from new members to active/lifetime members. This is a very special ceremony, and each chapters’ is unique. This is usually where members are given their pins are celebrated with flowers and typically a fun meal.
    Live Ins
    • Members who live in the chapter structure.
    Live Outs
    • Members who do not live in the chapter structure.


    Greek Alphabet:


What We Wish We Had Known

I wish I would have known that everyone's recruitment experience is unique. While I loved recruitment, now I know there are other girls, some of whom are my best friends, that really struggled with the process. Be gentle and be patient not only with chapters, but also with your peers.

Sylvia Clubb, Assistant Vice President for Recruitment

I wish I would’ve known that the recruitment process isn’t as formal as it seems! I was so scared that I had to act professional and present this formal view of myself to make a good impression on chapters and treated recruitment like an interview process rather than fun conversations with girls who could possibly become my sisters. Just be yourself and have fun, it’ll be worth it

Elle Weilbrenner, Vice President for Risk Reduction and Management

I wish I would have known that there wasn't nearly as much difference between chapters as they wanted me to think. Looking back, I know I could have joined any one of our chapters and found friends, sisters, leadership opportunities, and empowerment. Obviously, I love my own chapter, but had I known that, I would have been less stressed about my decisions!

Maddee Whitehead, Vice President for Recruitment

I wish I would have known how essential it was to simply be myself. All of the chapters were so welcoming, but I was so intimidated that I felt like I had to present a heightened version of myself. The chapters want to get to know you for who you truly are, so let yourself shine and you will for sure find the chapter where you belong!

Kyra Casper, Vice President for Finance

Go into each round with an open mind. If you did not make a connection at a chapter during one round, it does not mean that you will not make a connection at that same chapter in the next round. The one individual that you originally talked to does not reflect the entire chapter as there are over 100 other women in that chapter.

Caity Owens, Vice President for Philanthropy and Community Service

Before going through recruitment, I wish someone told me to truly be myself. I went into every chapter first round thinking I should conform to what I thought they were like or what I thought they wanted to hear. By the third round I realized that if I continued to do that, I would've found where I truly belonged.

Chloe Olszewski, Vice President for Standards and Accountability

It is more important to be authentically yourself than to act like you belong somewhere you don’t! This is so important as who you are throughout recruitment will determine your friends and personal development throughout the next four years.

Sheyanne Koethe, Vice President for Leadership and Education