One of the most exciting parts of the Primary Recruitment process is the ability to connect with your Recruitment Counselor, or Rho Gamma, and the other potential new members that are in your Rho Gamma group.

You may be wondering, what is a Rho Gamma?

A Rho Gamma is an upperclass woman from one of our 14 chapters on campus that has decided to put her chapter affiliation aside to assist potential new members throughout the Primary Recruitment process. Our 63 Rho Gammas go through months of training in order to be prepared to answer any and all questions a potential new member may have about our community! Rho Gammas remain disassociated from their chapters through Primary Recruitment in order to eliminate any bias they may hold toward chapters. Their job is to assist you in finding YOUR perfect chapter.

The goal of the Rho Gamma position is to provide mental and emotional support, ensure the recruitment process is fair for all PNMs and chapters, act as a “big sister” figure to PNMs as well as help them navigate through each recruitment experience, and build friendships! Rho Gammas will work exclusively with 10-12 PNMs during all of Primary Recruitment. PNMs will be assigned a Rho Gamma and group at PNM Orientation.

Questions you can ask your Rho Gamma:

  • How to determine which chapters you would like to spend more time with
  • Why your Rho Gamma chose their chapter (without revealing their chapter association)
  • What to wear during Primary Recruitment
  • General information about all chapters on campus
  • Logistics of Primary Recruitment
  • Other options to join a chapter
  • General questions about life on campus