In the Fall of 2020, PHC passed new bylaws regarding education and workshops. Changes
include: increasing the percentage participation requirement to 90% and adding a new form of
pre-approved education referred to as “individual projects”.

Bylaw Revisions:

Each chapter must have 90% participation over the course of each semester and options to meet the requirement include the normal pre-approved workshops and individual projects.

C. Individual projects can be completed by single members of chapters by themselves or
with a small group. Resources used for individual projects must be at least 45 minutes in
length and they must be educational. These resources can range from documentaries, to
books, to ted talks and educational YouTube videos. Education offered by the FSL office
can also be used as a resource. In order to receive credit for the completion of an
individual project, a short one page, double spaced reflection will need to be written and
submitted to the chapter’s educational director by EACH participant. At the end of the
semester, individual projects will be compiled and submitted to the VP of Leadership &
Education by the educational directors from each chapter.

The normal pre-approved workshop list is what should be referred to when scheduling in-house education. If a workshop is not included on this list, make sure to contact 3 weeks before the event. Otherwise, workshops should be:

  • 1-1.5 hours in length
  • Focused on a specific chapter need
  • Interactive and engaging
  • Presented by an expert on the topic
    • Not including undergraduate student organizations or current members of that chapter

Click here for a checklist for planning a workshop.