Available Presentations:

Better Men. Better Hawkeyes. 

    • Better Men. Better Hawkeyes. About the course: Better Men. Better Hawkeyes. is a free, one-hour program dedicated to promoting healthy masculinity across campus, specifically engaging groups where students who identify as men come together. The program intends to prevent sexual violence by fostering large and small group discussions about gender stereotypes and sexual consent among peers. This training: 
        • Is open to all genders and welcomes a variety of perspectives  
        • Identifies behaviors found in healthy relationships 
        • Explores participant’s personal definition of sexual consent  
        • Teaches skills that can empower individuals to intervene in difficult situations  
        • Incorporates peer mentorship from student athletes and other student leaders 

Rape Aggression Defense (R.A.D) 

    • The Department of Public Safety offers Rape Aggression Defense (R.A.D.) classes every semester. R.A.D. is the nation's largest self-defense course for women only. The R.A.D. approach to personal safety education embodies a practical blend of threat avoidance strategies and real-world assault resistance for women.  

Contact: Alton Poole alton-poole@uiowa.edu 

Material/Space Requirements: Computer with PowerPoint and sound capabilities.  

Presentation Length: 60 Minutes 

Availability: Varying (days, nights, weekends) 

More Information: https://police.uiowa.edu/training-programs