New Member Onboarding is the first phase in our multi-phase education plan which will be broken down by year (i.e. first, second, third, and fourth year).  Each phase addresses overarching topics outlined in the New Member Academy. Each phase will provide greater depth on the topic or expand upon how students can integrate their learning into daily behaviors.  Education and events in support of the concepts students are learning will be facilitated monthly.

Phase 1: Orientation

  • Occurs before the formal recruitment week begins for PHC and IFC.  NPHC and MGC, orientation will occur within the first few weeks of the academic semester prior to intake processes beginning.  Attendance at orientation will be mandatory for any individual  wanting to join a fraternity or sorority
  • Topics covered include-but are not limited to: welcome and introduction by staff, expectations of membership (i.e. social responsibilities, joining something bigger than yourself, financial commitments, etc.), understanding risk management (i.e. hazing, healthy behaviors), diversity of experience (i.e. understanding the history of UI’s four governing councils) understanding of recruitment week  or membership intake processes, who to contact regarding questions, etc.
  • Provides a broad overview of what to expect and what should be understood when preparing for membership in fraternity and sorority life

Phase 2: Membership intake/formal recruitment

Phase 3: Offered Membership

Phase 4: Added to Roster Management System (RMS)

  • With the updates currently happening in the RMS, once a student receives a bid, staff will bulk upload the students to the RMS based on the chapter joined.
  • Once uploaded, students receive notification to digitally sign the Gold Card, student data  collection form, which includes:
    • Grade release
    • Photo release
    • Programming Fee requirement
    • Once uploaded, they receive notification to complete the New Member Academy

Phase 5: New Member Academy (NMA)

NMA modules are undergoing review in collaboration with campus partners.  This review ensures current information is updated and will occur annually. In 2021, approximately 99% of all new members completed NMA.

  • The NMA consists of five modules that cover a broad overview of FSL membership, particularly at Iowa. The academy introduces new members to concepts that are frequently discussed and used as topics of education across all chapters and councils.
  • The modules: Overview of the FSL Community; Academic Excellence; Health, Safety, and Wellness; Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion; Involvement and Leadership Opportunities; and Bystander Intervention. For New Members to receive credit, they must finish all five modules and take the quiz at the end.
  • The New Member Academy is a requirement.