Available Presentations: 

101 Bystander Intervention

Participants develop skills for safely responding and intervening in problematic situations, acknowledge violence as a community wide problem, and recognize barriers to intervention. 

201 Bystander Intervention 

Intended for those who have previously experienced bystander intervention training. Participants develop a deeper understanding of perpetrator behavior, dynamics of sexual assault, and discuss ways to intervene when difficult power dynamics are at play. 

Queering Consent Workshop

Explores the history of consent practices in queer communities and the current landscape of consent in LGBTQ spaces and relationships.

Enthusiastic Consent Workshop

Discusses affirmative consent practices in a sex positive framework and offers students concrete examples of ways to incorporate enthusiastic consent into their lives. This workshop shows examples of what consent is not, talks about the ways we’re programmed from childhood not to expect consent, and includes small group work on how to ask for consent. 

Healthy Relationships Workshop 

Interactive workshop designed to encourage discussion and critical thinking around patterns of dating violence and dynamics of healthy relationships. Participants will also learn how to support individuals who may be experiencing relationship violence. 

A View Into Policy

An interactive workshop that aims to shed light on sexual misconduct investigations. The workshop covers the role of policy, types of misconduct described by policy and scenarios to help connect abstract policy constructs to real life, an investigation framework for resolving questions of consent, and alcohol consumption and incapacitation. 

Dismantling Rape Culture Workshop 

Interrogates the way that our society is set up to both subtly and overtly support sexual violence and offers participants a framework to challenge rape culture in their own lives. The session offers pop culture examples of rape culture, discusses the repercussions of not challenging this culture, and offers small group work on how to challenge it using popular song lyrics and/or scenarios. 

Responding to Disclosures 

This workshop is intended primarily for staff, faculty, and students who are not mandatory reporters on campus, but who want to know how to compassionately respond to disclosures of gender-based violence and discrimination. The program focuses on likely forms of disclosure, how to respond appropriately, and where to connect individuals to resources on campus and in the community. Participants will have the opportunity to practice compassionate responses using tailored scenarios. 

Contact: Martha Pierce: ui-violence-prevention@uiowa.edu 

Space/Material Requirements: 

      • Internet 
      • AV material 
      • 1 room for every 40 people 
      • space to move and sit comfortably 

Presentation Length: 90 minutes 

Availability: Wednesday and Sunday evenings. Other times upon request. 

More Information: https://endingviolence.uiowa.edu/workshops-and-training/

Additional Workshops:

  • Power, Privilege and Oppression 101: How systems operate
  • Micro-Aggressions in Daily Life: 'Little' Things are Not Little! 
  • Strategies for Would-Be Allies: Stepping Up to Make Things Better
  • Shifting Attitudes: Responding to Prejudicial Remarks, Slurs and Jokes in the Classroom 

The majority of workshops given by the Violence Intervention Team are approved courses for mandatory Violence Prevention and Bystander Intervention training during the Fall semester. To learn more about this, contact the VP of Leadership and Education at gc-phc-leadership@uiowa.edu.