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  1. Judaism 101 and Ask a Rabbi: A beginners guide to learning about Judaism where we will have a Rabbi present to answer anything you've wanted to know about Judaism.
  2. Understanding Antisemitism: We'll be learning about the history of antisemitism, how it exists today, and what microaggressions look like. 
  3. Jewish Holidays 101: Learn about the beautiful traditions and meaning behind the upcoming Jewish holidays! This educational opportunity can be done multiple times, as it will be different throughout the year.
  4. Jewish Foods: There are so many incredible traditionally Jewish foods to enjoy and depending on if someone has an Ashkenazi, Sephardic, or Mizrahi background, those traditional Jewish foods can really be quite different. Join us and try and learn about the various cuisines that make up traditionally Jewish foods and the dietary laws that are followed. (In-person this would be limited to 50 people, but if we did this over Zoom there isn't a limit, and instead we would send out the ingredient list so that we could make a dish together.)
  5. Challah Baking at Hillel: Making challah to enjoy on Friday night when the Jewish sabbath begins is a beautiful tradition. Learn about the tradition of challah baking and make some to take home! (In-person this would be limited to 50 people and we would supply the ingredients, but over Zoom there isn't a limit, and we would send out the ingredient list for people to purchase on their own in advance and make it together.)