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Roster Management


Every organization president has access to Iowa's roster management system. This system is used for membership edits and removals only.

To access your organization's roster visit,

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Roster Adjustment Deadlines:

  • Chapters need to have their rosters up to date before FSL Programming Fees are sent out each semester. The deadline for Programming Fee adjustments are October 1st for the Fall semester and March 1st for the Spring semester. These dates are annual and will be the same each semester. 
  • General roster adjustments (removal or membership status edits) can be made between the first day of the semester until the last day to withdraw or drop a course, for that given semester. For the Spring 2021 semester those dates are January 25th, 2021 through April 2nd, 2021. 


How often should I update my roster?
  • Your roster should be updated in “real time,” so anytime a member is removed within the organization, they should be removed on the University’s Official Roster (
What if I don’t see a member on my roster?
  • Then they’re not on your Official Roster through the University. They will need to sign a gold card to be added to your chapter’s roster.
Recruitment happened yesterday. Why don’t I see my new members on my roster?
  • Be patient! FSL staff has to manual enter every single person from recruitment into the backend of the system. This takes awhile.
How do I update my council officer positions on the roster?

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