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University Counseling Service

Available Presentations:

Stress Management

Learning ways to manage your stress can improve your mental wellness and academic success. This program will: 1) identify the types of stress and their impact on your mental health, and 2) teach strategies for coping with stress. 

Asking for Help

Myths and negative attitudes towards mental health often lead people to avoid asking for help when in emotional distress. The purpose of this program is to decrease mental health stigma by debunking myths of mental health and teaching ways to engage in help-seeking behaviors 

Having Difficult Conversations

Human interactions are an expected part of our day and it is reasonable that some will be difficult. This program will teach you communication skills to effectively have difficult conversations and will give you steps to consider when preparing for a challenging conversation.

Contact: Kelly Clougher

Material/Room Requirements: Computer/Project/Speaker - Minimum of ten students required at each presentation

Availability: We will need to receive the request at least two weeks before the requested date, but the earlier we get the request the more likely we are to find staff who are available.

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