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Academic Support and Retention

Available Presentations:  

Academic Resources 

Learn about what campus resources are available to you and how to use them effectively. 

General Study Skills 

Learn about creating study timelines and environments to contribute to being a successful student. 

Reading & Note Taking 

Learn about organizing, recording, and reviewing information from textbooks and presentations, using methods for taking organized notes and active reading. 


Learn about bouncing back from situations that do not go as planned, on a path towards success. 

Daily Habits of a Successful Students 

Learn about the daily habits of a successful student, what basic academic behaviors are, and how daily habits affect students’ GPAs. 

Test Taking 

Learn about ways to approach exams, including memory techniques and strategies for tackling multiple choice questions. 

Time Management 

Learn about the tools to create effective time management plans and to recognize how student success is affected by time management. 



Contact: Request a presentation here. For more information regarding any of the workshops, please email 

Material/Space Requirements: Projector/Screen 

Presentation Length: 60 Minutes 

Availability: Can accommodate requests for workshops in the evenings and anytime during the work day.   

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