Tuesday, October 13, 2020
Lena Hughes

Alpha Delta Pi Wellness Initiative 

In these unprecedented times mental health must be put at the focus. Lena Hughes, the wellness specialist of Alpha Delta Pi has been busy setting up programs and initiatives for the women of Alpha Delta Pi. One program that she started last spring was one-on-one consultations with Steph Beecher from the University’s Student Wellness. Each week the women of the chapter are able to log onto Zoom and speak to Steph about individual stress assessment/management, short and long-term relaxation techniques, as well as time management. Along with consultations each week, women are able to check in on their fellow chapter members and request for a “wellness goodie bag” if a particular friend is having a tough week or needs some extra motivation. Each bag contains supplies that aid in self-care activates, such as different snacks, motivational quotes, fuzzy socks, face masks, and many more options.

This upcoming month a special virtual event has been planned with the Sigma Chapter of Alpha Delta Pi at the University of Illinois. At this event women from these chapters will get to know each other through wellness activities and get a greater sense of sisterhood even though they are from different states. The wellness specialist at Illinois ADPi and Lena Hughes of Iowa ADPi are collaborating this event via Zoom and are excited to strengthen the bonds of sisterhood even from miles apart. As a chapter, we are committed to the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of our members. Initiatives put forward by Lena have created outlets our members can use to destress and focus on their personal wellness.