Joining Process

Our IFC fraternities have the opportunity to formally recruit once at the start of each semester and informally recruit year-round, through "365 recruitment". This means there are many opportunities to join a chapter throughout the year, outside of our formal recruitment period. However, we highly encourage anyone interested to participate in formal recruitment.

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Fall 2024 Formal Recruitment Schedule

  • IFC Orientation: Tuesday, September 17
  • Introductory Tabling Event: Wednesday, September 18
  • Recruitment Day 1: Thursday, September 19
  • Recruitment Day 2: Friday, September 20
  • Chapter Tours: Saturday, September 21
  • Preference Day: Sunday, September 22
  • Break Day: Monday, September 23
  • Bid Day: Tuesday, September 24

For more information and a more detailed recruitment schedule, check out the Interfraternity Council's recruitment specific website below:

IFC Recruitment Website

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Many of our chapters give out scholarships to incoming first-year and or transfer students each fall semester. Click the link below to check out these scholarships:

IFC' chapter scholarships

Interfraternity Council

IFC Chapter Recruitment Contact Information

Here you can find each chapter's recruitment chair and their contact information as well as each chapter's Instagram.


Ky Headshot

Ky Girgis

Vice President of Recruitment