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Mental Wellness Advocacy Program (MWA)

Learn about how the Mental Wellness Advocacy Program (MWA) got started here!

What is MWA?

The Mental Wellness Advocacy Program exists to provide peer support to those in need of
mental health help or resources. We realize that mental health and mental illness is something
that is often dealt with silently and therefore, want to be proactive in providing help and
resources to those in need, even if they might not know they need it.

Up to 3 members of each Panhellenic chapter are selected each school year to serve as their
pledge class’s Mental Wellness Advocate. Their position entails providing chapter specific
mental health programming and meeting with individuals throughout their chapter that are
struggling with their mental health. The MWAs from each Panhellenic chapter meet several
times throughout each semester, talk about the state of mental health in the Panhellenic
community and ideas on how to improve upon it. 

In the Fall of 2020, all MWAs underwent a training program known as “Name Your Story” hosted
by Lauren Cook, a mental health professional and former sorority member, as well as
participated in the planning and implementation of the first annual PHC Mental Health Week.
Throughout this week, Panhellenic members filled out compliment forms for their Panhellenic
sisters, attended the Lauren Cook Keynote Speech, were provided with campus and community
specific mental health resources and finally, attended the mental health check-in at Hubbard
Park which provided attendees with self-care items specific to their needs.

Interested in becoming an MWA for the 2021-22 Academic Year?
  • Be on the lookout for an application in the Spring of 2021! The Panhellenic Council will be in contact with chapters when the application becomes available. 

Chapter members that are MWA certified:

  • Alpha Chi Omega
    • Taylar Springer
    • Jeniah Griggs
    • Aubrey McEnroe
    • Jordan Prochnow
  • Alpha Delta Pi
    • Jennifer Wieser
    • Kirsten Smith
    • Hailey Quinn
    • Hannah Rovner
  • Alpha Phi
    • Chloe Eaton
      Isabella Nibaur (Bella)
      Anna LeWarne
  • Alpha Xi Delta 
    • Emily Miller
    • Hayley Hartman
  • Chi Omega
    • Shannon Micklewright
    • Katey Namanny
    • Saylor Sonnenburg
    • Mary Grace Henderson
  • Delta Gamma 
    • Ellie Piech
  • Delta Zeta
    • Alexa Colella
    • Madison Kallio
    • Riley Dean
  • Gamma Phi Beta
    • Annie Simplot
    • Madeline Unes
  • Kappa Alpha Theta
    • Teagan Kafer
    • Greta Stewart
    • Emma Bohn
    • Sheridan Kelly
  • Kappa Kappa Gamma 
    • Shanley Hrubesky
    • Kaitlyn Wendl
    • Katherine Kuzas
    • Claire Crook
  • Pi Beta Phi
    • Erin Hatch
    • Stephanie Martin
    • Mia Kaghan
  • Delta Delta Delta 
    • Lilly Wood
    • Ashleigh Machado
  • Zeta Tau Alpha
    • Ella Daniels
    • Marisa Flack
    • Margaret Biznek
    • Madeline Moffett

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