Tuesday, September 29, 2020
Iowa Delta chapter of Phi Kappa Theta

Throughout the last few months, the Iowa Delta chapter of Phi Kappa Theta has adjusted their operations to maintain a sense of brotherhood and growth during these challenging times of COVID 19. They had a chance to reflect on their experiences and this is what they shared:

  • What has quarantine/COVID 19 been like for your organization?
    • Although COVID has rearranged our schedule, our members have stepped up and excelled. Members have been meeting virtually for events outside of chapter at least once a week, whether something small like our weekly cards against humanity or among us games, and larger events including our satire history in 2 weeks where members have the opportunity to give a funny satire version of a historical event for members to watch and laugh.
  • How are you maintaining connection during this time?
    • We have maintained connection extremely well, whether it is in our fraternity's meme chat, on our fraternity discord playing video games, or even brothers just messaging in our GroupMe chat, brothers have had no problem staying connected and talking to each other.
  • Are there any particular events/activities that have been successful for your organization?
    • Our weekly cards against humanity game has been a large success, as we usually do it late Wednesday nights which gives brothers a great mid-week de-stressor to talk to friends and have a few (well, actually many) laughs.
  • What has been your organization’s biggest takeaway from this time?
    • Our biggest takeaway from this time has been a larger importance on communication, as when you cannot see people as frequently communication is even more important than usual. This has caused our brothers to be even more active in what were already very active GroupMe chats to keep notified of virtual events and stay talking with brothers.

Nic Reid, Phi Kappa Theta President