Before signing your Membership Recruitment Acceptance Binding Agreement (MRABA)

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. I would participate in this sorority’s philanthropy because it is interesting and worthwhile to me.
  2. This sorority seems interested in having me as a member and would celebrate everything I bring to the table.
  3. This sorority has members who I have connected well with during the Recruitment Process
  4. Being a member of this sorority will have a positive impact on my collegiate career
  5. I can be myself in this sorority
  6. This sorority cares about academics and leadership
  7. This sorority is much more than the stereotypes associated with Greek Life
  8. This sorority and I have a lot of our values in common
  9. This sorority strives for individual growth and makes me want to reach my full potential
  10. I would happily accept an invitation to join this chapter and could see myself spending 4 years in this chapter.
  11. I won’t have to change who I am to fit in with this sorority
  12. This sorority will hold me to a high standard and help me achieve great things
  13. I understand this sorority’s financial obligations
  14. I can see myself being friends with the members of this sorority

If you can answer “YES!” to most of these, then sign that MRABA! You’ve found a place you can call home! Congratulations!

If you find yourself thinking “nope” to these questions, then maybe that sorority isn’t where you are meant to be!