Panhellenic Council Recruitment

Spring 2021 Informal Recruitment 

Spring Informal Recruitment is highly similar to the Continuous Open Bidding process. Eligible chapters will be updated once we reset the campus total after the start of the spring semester. Keep a look out for virtual informal recruitment events that chapters may be hosting, those will be posted on their personal chapter social media pages! As a reminder, per rules made by the National Panhellenic Conference, all spring recruitment events will be held fully virtually. 

The process is continuous, meaning there is no set end date or structure to it. Chapters who have spots available will be able to host virtual events and extend bids whenever and to whomever they choose! These events will likely be publicized on Instagram so make sure you are following all of our chapters! 

The best way to make sure chapters know you are interested is by reaching out to them on social media or via email. The list of chapters who are available changes often, so I suggest reaching out early and letting them know you’d like more info! 
We will try to update the list of eligible chapters frequently, but again, this may change daily! 

Chapters Currently Eligible 

  • Alpha Chi Omega: Lauren Fletcher (
  • Alpha Delta Pi - Grace Aldrin (
  • Alpha Epsilon Phi: Amara Wolf (
  • Alpha Phi - Emily Patterson (
  • Alpha Xi Delta - Beca Gengler (
  • Delta Delta Delta - Taylor Carlson (
  • Delta Gamma: Cailey Hiam (
  • Delta Zeta - Hanna Kaufman ( 
  • Pi Beta Phi - Ella David (

Last update: 12/30/2020 

Frequently Asked Questions 

I signed an MRABA and got a bid from a chapter, but decided to decline the invitation - can I go through COB?

  • No, the MRABA you signed stated that you were ineligible until the next primary recruitment period

I signed an MRABA but did not get an invitation - can I go through COB?

  • Yes!

I withdrew from Primary Recruitment, can I go through COB?

  • Yes!

What should I say when reaching out to a chapter who IS currently eligible?

  • Something like this: "Hi there, my name is _____________ and I am interested in learning more about your chapter and the COB process! I would love any information about upcoming events or ways to get to know your members! You can contact me by phone (XXX) XXX-XXXX or email I look forward to connecting! Thanks!

What should I say when reaching out to a chapter who is NOT currently eligible?

  • Something like this: "Hi there, my name is __________ and I wanted to introduce myself, in case your chapter is ever eligible to participate in COB! I am very interested in your chapter and wanted to make sure you had my contact information, which you can find below! Thank you!

Abby Parrott, Vice President for Recruitment Logistics

For additional recruitment resources click here